Foster Care Services

Mending Hearts Family Services, Inc. began to provide foster care services for the Department of Child Safety on July 1, 2015. We were awarded two contracts from the Department of Child Safety. One is for training foster and adoptive parents, and the other is to recruit, study, and supervise foster families. MHFS can take a family through the entire process, from orientation through placement. Our agency is a faith-based agency. We desire to recruit families who share the faith perspective and values. MHFS is a member of the Arizona KIDS Consortium ( which is a coalition of agencies that provide foster care throughout Maricopa County.

Individuals or families who are interested in becoming a licensed foster family or a certified adoptive family must attend an orientation as a first step. Orientations are offered on-line at DCS.AZ.GOV. Once at the site, click on Becoming a Foster Parent. Check the MHFS events calendar to find the date and location of the next MHFS orientation. The AZ KIDS Consortium website has a list of available agencies on its website (see above). When you choose Mending Hearts as your agency or if you have questions, contact us at: 602-633-2246.

All foster parents are required to complete the Foster Parent College Classes. Training classes are available on a regular basis (see Events calendar). If MHFS does not have a class available, the agency will refer you for training and then you can return to MHFS for the licensing or certification process. All individuals over age 18 are required to be fingerprinted and pass a criminal history background and central registry check. Class participants must have a Level I Fingerprint Card to enroll in the class. Mending Hearts can provide the necessary information on fingerprinting. During the Foster Parent College Classes participants are asked to complete homework assignments, some of these assignments are part of the licensing process. The initial visit with the Foster Care Specialist will explain the documents that you will need and more about what to expect in the process. The class is partially conducted on-line.

Once foster parents have graduated from the Foster Parent College Classes the next step is to complete the licensing or certification process. If the Foster Parent College Classes were completed with another agency, that agency will refer back to MHFS to complete the licensing or certification process. Once the licensing or adoptive home study is completed it is submitted to the Office of Licensing and Renewals (OLR) or the Juvenile Court for approval. Once approved, then the agency will look for placements.

Mending Hearts will assist in the placement process and then supervise the placements. MHFS will visit at a minimum of monthly and complete the Safety Check quarterly. When a family receives a new placement the MHFS Foster Care Specialist will visit weekly for the first month and help the family with needed support and resources.

The agency also participates in the faith-based Arizona 127 Project ( by assisting with orientations and providing other supportive services to foster and adoptive families as needed. MHFS is active in the Arizona Foster Care and Adoption Coalition as well. The AFCAC is a group of agencies and state representatives that provide the services for foster children and foster and adoptive families.

There is a critical need for safe, nurturing families to step into the gap and provide homes for Arizona children who are in the care and custody of the Department of Child Safety. Join our team. If every church in this state would have one licensed foster family, then every child in the DCS system would have a placement home. Every day there are children spending the night in DCS offices because there is a shortage of foster families. Children are in group homes that should be in a foster family. Help us meet this critical need.


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There are nearly 15,000 children in Arizona’s foster care system. More kids enter the system every day in need of a foster family that cares. Please make a difference and help an abused or neglected child in need today!

Mending Hearts Family Services vision is to create, repair and restore relationships. Mending Hearts is passionate about facilitating safe, positive, and nurturing relationships through strengthening the emotional and spiritual health of the broken-hearted. With MHFS vision and counseling services, we are devoted to serving the community and our children that are in need.


"There is a critical need for safe, nurturing families to step into the gap and provide homes for Arizona children..... Join our Team!"

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