Mending Hearts Family Services was founded in 2008 by Sharon Carl and currently provides services in four valley locations. Mending Hearts Family Services is a 501(c)3 "not-for-profit" agency.

Mending Hearts Family Services is a Christ-centered social service agency that provides professional behavioral health and child welfare services with a Biblical emphasis for individual adults and children, couples and families who are seeking affordable services. The passion of Mending Hearts Family Services is to mend the broken hearts of children, adults and families by facilitating positive, safe, and loving relationships and by strengthening the emotional and spiritual health of the broken-hearted.


Creating, Repairing and Restoring Relationships


Mending Hearts Family Services provides professional, Biblically-based behavioral health and social services to hurting individuals (children and adults), couples and famililes


Consumer-focused : MHFS is committed to serving every consumer from a strengths-needs perspective. MHFS’s goal is to strengthen, build, and restore positive relationships for every consumer.

Integrity : MHFS is committed to ensure that all operations of the ministry employ ethical, professional standards that, includes human resources, development practices and the stewardship of resources.

Compassion : MHFS is guided by the Biblical principle that employees and Board members will be sympathetic, aware and non-judgmental of other’s distress. God’s grace, love, mercy and kindness will be demonstrated to our consumers, between colleagues, and to MHFS stakeholders through word and deed.

Excellence : MHFS is committed to meeting or exceeding performance outcome goals, quality improvement, meeting and exceeding state licensing regulations, and professional best practice standards including those specific to the Christian community.

Community-focused : MHFS is committed to responding to the expressed community needs that are within the ministry vision, mission and purpose, in communities where we live and serve.

Cultural Competence : MHFS is committed to recruiting diverse staff, board members and volunteers who show cultural awareness and sensitivity to all consumers.

Some of the goals of Mending Hearts Family Services are...

  • to provide a professional, Christ-centered social service and behavioral health agency for children, adults and families at affordable rates.
  • to offer hope and healing for those who have experienced trauma, especially childhood trauma due to abuse, neglect or abandonment.
  • to provide quality training for foster parents.
  • to recruit, study and supervise foster families.
  • to inform and interest the faith community throughout Arizona and the United States and partner with local churches to bring hope and healing for the needs of hurting children, adults, couples and families.
  • to provide wrap-around services and referrals that incorporate physical, emotional and spiritual assistance based upon a strengths-needs assessment.
  • to create volunteer and internship opportunities for individuals who are committed to the ministry vision, mission and core values.
  • to develop a Children's Ranch that specializes in trauma recovery for seriously emotionally disturbed children and adolescents, which incorporates animal assisted therapy.
  • to expand in the future to include adoption services, respite care, residential day care, group homes and residential treatment, specialized educational programs, and adolescent substance abuse treatment.
  • to provide home study services to families that want to adopt children from the Department of Child Safety or a relative.